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The GNGX Online Assembly

Are your students stressed, easily distracted, anxious or depressed because of COVID?

Do they need a boost in their mental, emotional and physical health?

Or do you simply want support encouraging your current mindfulness and SEL curriculums with something fun and engaging?

Throughout the COVID experience, we’ve served thousands of students with virtual assemblies as well as weekly virtual programming that is elevating their mental, emotional and physical health.

Our energizing FUNdaMENTALSTM curriculum combines social and emotional learning (SEL) and mindfulness techniques with the most popular youth sport in America - Basketball - creating a fun, engaging, and safe environment for kids to express their emotions and learn the power of presence!

With no previous basketball experience (or even a basketball) needed, The Give N' Grow Experience (GNGX) Online is a virtual assembly for K-5th graders with the goal of elevating the health of the entire school - including the staff!

‚ÄčCheck out the video below to hear what our students think about the growth they're experiencing!


This assembly is a great support to district goals and PBIS, AVID, Leader in Me, Second Step and MindUP programming.

During these assemblies, students will identify, accept and manage their emotions, release stress with our Motion Creates Emotion Warmup, and practice powerful mindfulness skills aimed to elevate presence and turn “failures” into opportunities to GROW! 

All of this growth while simultaneously elevating students' physical health, which has been left out of most school's virtual programming curriculum.

Listen below to what administrators and teachers are saying about their GNGX Virtual Assembly!



On-Going Impact

The Charge Up Series

The growth doesn’t stop with this assembly! We have an additional video series called "The Charge Up" that includes 11 on-demand videos, all of which are less than 5 minutes, so your teachers can share with students whenever students need an energy release, an emotion check in, or a post lunch energy boost! 

The Charge Up videos dive deeper into the skills we teach during the assembly and act as a great tool for schools to continue to inspire students to be mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy.

If you're interested in adding The Charge Up Series to your assembly package, please let us know by clicking the Contact Now button below. 

Mini Hoop Workouts

Additionally, all students are invited to join our Mini Hoop Workouts online every Tuesday and Thursday where we dive deeper into our mental/emotional (ME) skills and continue to impact your students!

Click here for more info on Mini Hoop Workouts!

To reserve one of our final remaining dates for the 2022-2023 school year or to request more information, please contact us using the link below!