Terms & Conditions


GNG Participation Waiver

I consent to my child’s participation in this program. I understand that attending this clinic involves some risks, including the possibility of damage to my child’s property or serious injury to my child. I agree, on behalf of myself and my child, to assume all the risks in connection with my child’s participation in the program. I agree that my child will follow relevant Give N’ Grow Basketball directions, rules, and policies and will obey directions. I acknowledge that Give N’ Grow Basketball has the right to remove my child from participation in the program if they are not complying with the rules and regulations of the program.

I know of no health-related reasons or problems, which preclude or restrict my child from participating in the program.

I grant medical personnel permission to provide medical care for conditions, which may arise during participation at this program. Give N’ Grow Basketball does not assume any responsibility nor provide any insurance for medical expenses incurred by your dependents as a result of any accident or sickness while they are participating in this program.

I agree to release Give N’ Grow Basketball, its trustees, officers, employees, volunteers, members, and representatives from any and all liabilities and claims whatsoever arising out of, or in connection with, my child’s attendance and participation in the program, even those that may have been caused by the ordinary negligence of Give N’ Grow Basketball and the facility staff and affiliates.

Give N’ Grow Basketball may make and use images, film, video, and audio recordings of my child, and take and use quotes or statements from my child, during the program, without compensation. I release all claims against Give N’ Grow Basketball with respect to privacy, copyright ownership, and publication, related to the use of the quotes, images, or recordings.

By reading and signing this legally binding document, I know I am voluntarily waiving the right to sue Give N’ Grow Basketball if my child is injured while participating in this program.


  1. 1 Week Free Trial - Both Yearly and Monthly Memberships 
    1. When you purchase the yearly/monthly membership, you receive your first week free to try out the program.
    2. Free trial not offered with Single Workout Drop In Sessions.
  2. Refund Policy - Logistics
    1. Yearly/Monthly Memberships
      1. Can Cancel Anytime
      2. Full refunds if you cancel before your 1 week free trial ends.
      3. No refunds after the 1 week free trial has passed.
    2. Single Workout Drop In Sessions
      1. No refunds at all.
      2. Cancellations are allowed, but refunds won't be offered.
  3. Automatic Payment Charges 
    1. Both monthly and yearly memberships will automatically renew and your card on file will be automatically charged 1 month (for monthly members) or 1 year (for yearly members) after your card is initially charged.
    2. You can cancel your monthly or yearly membership at anytime and this will stop the automatic payments from happening.