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Partnership Benefits

  • Our Virtual Assemblies will significantly boost number of kids you serve YOY at no cost to you

  • Our Virtual Events will impact thousands of kids for approx. $1/kid for you

  • Involve players and coaches in just 5 minutes from a phone anywhere in the world

  • Leave no future fan un-served - easily reach every corner of your ideal market

  • Elevate the impact of your programming with a mental health and SEL focus

  • Begin new school relationships that can transform into in-person programs

  • We'll help you transcend your impact goals while you sit back and receive our support 

virtual mindfulness assembly SEL assembly elementary assembly basketball assembly 10.png

Partnership Overview

There are 2 main options when we think about partnering with Jr. NBA/WNBA Teams - Assemblies and Events - both of which are flexible and can be customized and/or combined into one partnership package.

  • Assemblies are funded by the schools themselves and therefore significantly increase the number of students you impact at no cost to you, while taking only 45 minutes of your time.

  • Events are bigger, serving multiple schools at once. Imagine a "May Mental Health Awareness Celebration" event serving up to 10,000 classrooms (approximately 200k students) all at once, virtually!

  • Events are a great way to sponsor a free opportunity for the schools and communities you have existing relationships with or want to build relationships with.

Here are more details on the 3 main components of the partnership.


  • 1 school at a time for a more intimate engagement

  • We execute as many virtual assemblies as we can or as you want

  • We imagine booking between 5-20 assemblies per school year serving between 1,500 to 10,000 kids

  • Completely free for you, funded by schools


  • 1 giant event serving your entire market or multiple events serving multiple schools at each event

  • Up to 200k kids / 10,000 classrooms per event

  • Less time spent attending Events compared to Assemblies

  • Free for schools, funded by you or sponsor of your choice

Both Options

  • All school communication, marketing and scheduling is handled by GNG

  • All event production, social content creation, curriculum and entertainment is handled by GNG

  • Teams can be as engaged/involved as they'd like in the assemblies/events

Your Contributions

  • Special Guest for every assembly - player, coach, mascot, youth coach, and/or employees

  • Prizes are optional - tickets, swag, etc 

  • Tag GNG on your social posts

Our Experience

  •  Jr NBA All-Star Weekend ‘22

    • Guest Appearances by WNBA/NBA Players

    • 2,000+ future NBA/WNBA fans engaged

  • Jrue & Lauren Holiday Social Impact Fund

    • $20,000 Grant Supporting Virtual Assemblies

  • Cleveland Cavs Youth Org

    • 2 Unique Virtual Assemblies

    • 1,000+ future Cavs fans served

  • Jr 76ers Mental Health Awareness Activation

    • 1,000+ future 76ers fans served

  • 30+ Elementary Schools Nationwide

    • SEL Support with Virtual Assemblies

    • 15,000+ Students Served

  • Under Armour Virtual Summer Camp

    • $30,000 Grant

    • Hundreds of UA fans served at home

More Fun With Virtual

Her Time To Play

By serving entire schools with assemblies, you're guaranteed to impact all students, including hundreds of girls.

With no basketballs involved during our virtual assemblies, there are no "successes" or "failures" involved. This helps all students, no matter their skill level or gender, feel comfortable and stay confident as they're introduced to the fundamentals of basketball.

We believe the ways we incorporate music, dance, and conversations also contribute to the enjoyment and engagement that young girls experience in our programs. 

Impact in Schools

  • Teach students age-appropriate mindfulness and SEL skills

  • Support schools existing SEL programming by boosting excitement and engagement

  • Introduce young people to the game and your team in a fun and safe environment.

Steps to Partner


Assembly Process

Event Process

Assembly & Event Details

virtual mindfulness assembly SEL assembly elementary assembly basketball assembly 15.png

Expansion Opportunities

  • Annual School Partnerships - Building relationships with new schools through the unlimited assemblies we provide can lead to schools wanting more virtual and in-person programming directly from you and from us as a team! This relationship can grow into any of the following options and beyond!

    • Monthly Virtual Assemblies

    • In-Person Assemblies

    • After School Programs

    • Camps & Clinics

  • Sponsored Assemblies - If you want to give virtual assemblies to schools for free, you can easily sponsor us to preform these assemblies for the schools you choose. Please reach out with any questions around this option and we'll share details including pricing with you!

  • Serve Internationally - Do you have international players and coaches? Or do you want to serve communities all over the world? We can support  you in these efforts with our virtual programming!

Let's Grow Together!

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