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Heart of a hooper

Wellness retreat, costa rica

Choose a Player Below & Support Their Wellness Journey

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Aiden Self

13yrs old - Trenton, NJ

Aiden is a young leader in the Trenton, NJ community who believes in the power that transforming your mindset has on improving your life and is committed to becoming the healthiest version of himself on and off the court.


While he's driven and committed, he's facing some difficulties in his personal life and is looking forward to the support of this retreat. As a cherry on top, this retreat is happening during the week of Aiden's 14th birthday! What a way to celebrate!

Aiden's Working Hard To Meet His Goal!

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Carter Brink

17yrs old - Ashville, NY

Carter is a young leader in the Ashville, NY community who is excited to connect with himself during this retreat and learn strategies to help him be a better person, player, and leader.


Specifically, he wants to learn how to connect with his emotions in healthier ways and learn how to be less hard on himself.


Carter's mother had cancer when he was 14, and he's still healing from the challenge of witnessing her go through those struggles. Carter is excited to support others and be supported by the retreat participants and staff. 

Carter's Working Hard To Meet His Goal!

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Michael Horton

15yrs old - Panama, NY

Michael is a young leader in the Panama, NY community who is committed to his personal growth, and is excited for this opportunity to explore nature, learn holistic health practices, and connect with others.


While Michael is driven and committed to his development on and off the court, he is distracted when hecklers in the crowd and on the court start talking and gets sucked into the back and forth which he recognizes as unhealthy and something he wants to change.


He also experiences ADHD and has also lost a loved one which is why he is looking forward to the support of this retreat and the benefits it will bring to his mental health.

Michael's Working Hard To Meet His Goal!

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About the retreat

Situated in the inspiring beauty of Nosara, Costa Rica, the Heart Of A Hooper Wellness Retreat offers the unique blend of basketball training, nature excursions, and holistic wellness experiences that will amplify skills on the court and also help develop healthy minds, bodies, and hearts for happy living.


Our retreat is a week long transformative experience designed specifically for male teenage basketball players to transform their physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing.

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