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W.I.N. Workouts are 30 minute virtual classes that can be accessed individually and can also be implemented by schools and youth organizations to supplement recess, gym classes, and after school programming. These workouts can be accessed both live and on demand.


During these workouts students will identify, accept and manage their emotions multiple times, raise their energy and release stress by moving their bodies through our Motion Creates Emotion Warmup and Power Move Celebrations, as well as practice the mental/emotional (M.E.) skill of the day that will teach either mindfulness or emotion management while simultaneously elevating students' basketball skills and physical fitness.

If you are a school or youth organization and wish to learn more about how to implement W.I.N Workouts into your current programming, please contact us here.

If you are a parent looking for free opportunities for your child to grow through our W.I.N. Workouts, please use the button below to book your session!


Individual and Group workouts

For parents and coaches that know the importance of mental skill development looking to help their players elevate their game, Coach Ryan is one of the top basketball trainers in the state of Maryland. 

The combination of Coach Ryan's knowledge and experience with on court skill development and his passion for helping players increase their confidence, focus, and love of the game will surely impact your child in a tangible way that will take your players mental and physical skills to the next level.

Contact Coach Ryan directly to learn more about his training availability for your player or team.


The Give N’ Grow Experience (GNGX) is a 90-minute clinic that inspires and/or celebrates mindfulness and SEL initiatives in at-risk communities and provides ongoing resources for mindfulness and SEL development to the youth organizations we serve at GNGX's.


Typically an organization that receives the GNGX will also receive free access to our W.I.N. Workouts so that students receive ongoing mental health training.


To provide additional ongoing resources through our GNGXs, we have partnered with, an online mental skills training platform with live mental skills training taught by the same world-renowned sports psychologists and mental skills trainers who train professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, NCAA, MLS, PGA, LPGA, and Olympics, as well as executives of Fortune 500 companies. 

If you are interested in hosting and/or sponsoring a GNGX for the youth you serve, please contact us using the link below!


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