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The GNGX OnlinE Assembly

Are your students stressed, easily distracted, anxious or depressed because of COVID?


Do they need a boost in their mental, emotional and physical health?


How about you??? 


Since the quarantine began, we’ve served hundreds of students with weekly virtual programming that is elevating their mental, emotional and physical health.


Our energizing curriculum combines social and emotional learning (SEL) and mindfulness techniques with the most popular youth sport in America - Basketball - creating a fun, engaging, and safe environment for kids to express their emotions and learn the power of presence!


With no previous basketball experience (or even a basketball) needed, The Give N' Grow Experience (GNGX) Online is a virtual assembly for K-5th graders with the goal of elevating the health of the entire school - including the staff!

Check out the video below to hear what our students think about the growth they're experiencing!

This assembly is also a great support to district goals and PBIS, AVID, Leader in Me, Second Step and MindUP programming.


During these assemblies, students will identify, accept and manage their emotions, release stress with our Motion Creates Emotion Warmup, and practice powerful mindfulness skills aimed to elevate presence and turn “failures” into opportunities to GROW! 


All of this growth while simultaneously elevating students' physical health, which has been left out of most school's virtual programming curriculum.


AND the growth doesn’t stop with this assembly! All students are invited to join our WIN Workouts online every Tuesday and Thursday where we dive deeper into our mental/emotional (ME) skills and continue to impact your students, for free! (More info on WIN Workouts below!)


To reserve one of our final remaining dates for the 2020-2021 school year or to learn more, please contact us using the link below!

MINI HOOP workouts


W.I.N. Workouts are free 1 hour virtual workouts that elevate the mental, emotional, and physical health of K-5th graders by integrating mental performance training with high energy music, dance, and of course Basketball!

These workouts can be accessed by any student from home and can also be implemented by schools, after school programs, and other youth organizations as supplements to their existing programming.


The high energy environment created with music, dance, and the FUNdamentals of Basketball make this the perfect program for any kid - no basketball or basketball experience is needed to have fun and grow in these sessions!

Additionally, students will learn to manage their emotions, raise their energy, celebrate their growth and "failures", release stress, and practice the mental/emotional (M.E.) skill of the day - all through innovative basketball drills!

As if that wasn't enough of a reason to join, we give away 3 prizes per class to the kids that are bringing the most energy and effort to both the Q&A and drill segments of the workout!

If you are a school or youth organization and wish to learn more about how to implement W.I.N Workouts into your current programming, please contact us here.

If you are a parent interested in trying out this free opportunity for your child to grow, please click the button below to sign up for free!



The Give N’ Grow Experience (GNGX) is a 90-minute clinic that inspires and/or celebrates mindfulness and SEL initiatives in at-risk communities and provides ongoing resources for mindfulness and SEL development to the youth organizations we serve at GNGX's.


Typically an organization that receives the GNGX will also receive free access to our W.I.N. Workouts so that students receive ongoing mental health training.


To provide additional ongoing resources through our GNGXs, we have partnered with, an online mental skills training platform with live mental skills training taught by the same world-renowned sports psychologists and mental skills trainers who train professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, NCAA, MLS, PGA, LPGA, and Olympics, as well as executives of Fortune 500 companies. 

If you are interested in hosting and/or sponsoring a GNGX for the youth you serve, please contact us using the link below!


Ryan McFarland_Give N Grow Basketball 1.

For parents and coaches that know the importance of mental skill development looking to help their players elevate their game, Coach Ryan is one of the top basketball trainers in the state of Maryland. 

The combination of Coach Ryan's knowledge and experience with on court skill development and his passion for helping players increase their confidence, focus, and love of the game will surely impact your child in a tangible way that will take your players mental and physical skills to the next level.

Click below to access weekly private/group training schedules, summer camps and school's out programs!

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