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A Basketball Themed Mindfulness & SEL Assembly


Are you looking for a fun and high-energy way to boost student engagement and enjoyment of your current mindfulness and SEL programming?

Our interactive assembly addresses K-5th grader challenges like expressing and regulating their emotions, connecting with themselves in the present moment, and thriving in times of uncertainty and stress.

The mindfulness and SEL techniques we share are delivered through mindful basketball movements (no basketball or basketball experience required), engaging emotion check-ins, and mood-boosting, educational music.

So if your students (and staff!) are stressed, easily distracted, anxious or depressed, this 45-minute experience is the perfect opportunity to boost in their mental, emotional and physical health!


Since 2020 we have impacted over 15,000 children in 30+ schools and 20 states with mindfulness and SEL support through this assembly and our ongoing, annual school partnerships.

We are super thankful to share that we’ve also partnered with the Jr. NBA, Philadelphia 76ers, Cleveland Cavaliers, Utah Jazz and Under Armour to elevate youth mental health through fun and educational SEL programs.

​Check out the video below to hear what our students think about the growth they're experiencing!


Students and staff will walk away with an understanding of the following age-appropriate SEL skills...

  • How to use mindful movement to create new emotions in their body and release stress

  • How to use the simple I.A.M. framework to Identify, Accept, and Manage their emotions

  • How to use a body scan to get in touch with how they're feeling in any given moment

  • How to take diaphragmatic "belly" breaths to calm their body and mind in pressure situations

  • How to bring their mind back to the present using our See. Breathe. Do. tool

  • How to use Mindfulness, Visualization, and Positive Self Talk to enjoy life and perform at their best


While most schools are “back to normal” with in-person programming, we’ve decided to continue to offer our virtual assemblies because...

  1. Students engage with virtual speakers as if they are social media influencers, creating more buy-in

  2. Teachers appreciate that virtual is logistically easier and takes less time out of their typical routines

  3. Principals love that virtual saves them on speaker travel expenses and other in person fees 

Listen below to what administrators and teachers are saying about their GNGX Assembly!


We've received feedback from faculty and staff that this assembly has been a great support to their district goals and PBIS, AVID, Leader in Me, Second Step and MindUP programming.

Principals and teachers are saying that our 45-minute experience:

  • Boosts student mental health and emotional intelligence

  • Elevates engagement in their school’s existing SEL programming

  • Provides students with age-appropriate mindfulness tools while keeping them entertained with basketball movements, educational music, and high-energy facilitation.

This is why we believe using this assembly as a beginning of the year SEL kick-off and/or end-of-year student SEL celebration is a great idea for principals across the country.


Our presentation and on-going programming is based on the research of a bevy of experts in the fields of sports psychology, developmental psychology, childhood education, various therapy modalities, and life coaching to ensure that we integrate the most essential and effective mental health skills for K-5th graders to develop during their educational journey: mindfulness and social and emotional learning (SEL).

Our energizing curriculum combines social and emotional learning (SEL) and mindfulness techniques with the most popular youth sport in America - Basketball - creating a fun, engaging, and safe environment for kids to express their emotions and learn the power of presence!


The Charge Up Series

The growth doesn’t stop with this assembly! We have an additional video series called "The Charge Up" that includes 11 on-demand videos, all of which are less than 5 minutes, so your teachers can share with students whenever students need an energy release, an emotion check in, or a post lunch energy boost! 

The Charge Up videos dive deeper into the skills we teach during the assembly and act as a great tool for schools to continue to inspire students to be mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy.

If you're interested in adding The Charge Up Series to your assembly package, please let us know by clicking the Contact Now button below. 

GNG On Demand - YouTube Channel

Additionally, all teachers and students are invited to utilize the many free resources we have on our YouTube channel. 

We have workout videos that gym teachers can put up on their projector for the class to follow along with.

We have breathwork music videos that teachers can use in the classroom and students can use from home to relax, energize and help students find their flow.

To reserve one of our final remaining dates for the 2022-2023 school year or to request more information, please contact us using the link below!



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