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We help elementary schools boost student mental health and SEL engagement!


A 45-minute assembly that has boosted the mental, emotional, and physical health of 15,000+ students and has supported current Mindfulness and SEL curriculum of 40+ elementary schools across 20+ states.

About Give N' Grow

Give N’ Grow Sports, Inc., AKA Give N' Grow Basketball (GNG) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that elevates the mental, emotional and physical health of K-5th graders by combining the fundamentals of mental health such as mindfulness, social emotional learning, and breathwork with the fundamentals of basketball.

GNG has mastered engaging students in mental health experiences and they are revolutionizing mental health programming in partnership with organizations like the Jr. NBA, Cleveland Cavs Youth Sports, Jr. 76ers, Under Armour, Dick's Sporting Goods and elementary schools across the country.

GNG recognizes that depression, anxiety, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and teen suicide are increasing worldwide, which is why elevating the mental health of K-5th graders in a proactive, uplifting way is GNG’s utmost priority.

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Ben Cecchini
Founder, Head Mental Skills Trainer

Coach Ben is a basketball player, motivational speaker, rapper, breathwork facilitator and life coach who has travelled the world inspiring people to be the best they can be with music, mindfulness, and breathwork.

Personal Basketball Trainer_Ryan McFarla

Ryan McFarland
Executive Director, Head Basketball Trainer

Coach Ryan is a husband, father, high energy entertainer, and one of the highest rated basketball trainers in the state of Maryland with an affinity for inspiring and connecting with youth of all skill levels. 




Jon Wallace

"The program Coach Ben and Coach Ryan teach is great for boys and girls of all skill levels and ages. If you are looking for a program that teaches the fundamentals of basketball within a positive and fun learning environment, I strongly recommend Give N’ Grow Basketball."

Connie Mazur

"Our daughter LOVES Coaches Ben and Ryan. She really looks forward to their classes. Us parents love them too. They are such great role models to the kids. It's not just basketball coaching. Coaches Ben and Ryan teach and role model mindfulness, appreciation, confidence, sharing, caring for others. And it's just so extra special when others in addition to us parents, are cheering on our kids and making them realize how special each of them are."

Kia Bailey

My son's skills have improved so much. The coaches start with the fundamentals of basketball which is very important. They are patient, they help build my son's confidence, and my son loves going, which is very important. I recommend Give N' Grow Basketball, you will not be disappointed."

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