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Basketball Inspired SEL Assemblies For Elementary Schools 


Our play based assembly helps students learn valuable SEL skills by utilizing mindful movement, educational music, and inspirational, positive coaching.

We teach how to "Identify, Accept, and Manage Emotions" through energizing rap lyrics.


We practice "Being Where Your Feet Are" to get present  and focused with fundamental basketball moves.


We celebrate ourselves using Power Moves that boost our confidence and classroom camaraderie.


So let's dance, dunk, and raise the roof together! After all, kids learn better when they're having fun!

"The building was rocking! They loved it!"

Nina Teresi, Teacher, Baltimore MD 

Want to get a taste of what Coach Ben's M.E. Skill Raps sound and look like in the classroom? Watch this!


We know that one event can't teach kids all they need to know about their mental health, how to manage emotions, and effective communication. Thats a lifetime's worth of work!

What we do best is support schools in making SEL fun and engaging for their students so there is more buy-in and enjoyment of the ongoing SEL programs they already have in place. 

We've impacted over 40,000 students nationwide with this program, and the schools agree that this assembly has been a great support to their district goals and PBIS, AVID, Leader in Me, Second Step and MindUP programming.

Julie Zimmerman, Principal
16th & Hawk ES, PA

That was awesome! Thank you so much! The kids loved it!

Gabriella Rios, Teacher
10th & Green ES, PA

Thank you so much! My kiddos absolutely love these workouts. Thank you for all you do!

Erin Mohat, Psychologist
Van Arsdale ES, CO

Here at our school we use Second Step and MindUP and a lot of the things Coach Ben was teaching them today was reinforcing what we’ve shared with them in the classroom. It was a great support.

Jenny King-Reid, Principal
Nelson ES, KS

The kids had a blast! Thank you so much for the opportunity. You have given them a memory most won’t forget.

Nina Teresi, Teacher
Baltimore, MD

The building was rocking! They loved it!!


Our "M.E. Skills" (Mental Emotional Skills) are simple, catchy, and effective for students, and can be easily implemented by teachers in class for ongoing student support. 

  • "I.A.M." to Identify, Accept, and Manage emotions easily

  • "Be Where Your Feet Are" to get powerfully present

  • "See. Breathe. Do." to center, calm and choose your actions wisely

  • "Next Play Speed" to bounce back quick from mistakes and failure

  • "Positive Self Talk" to boost courage and confidence

  • "W.I.N. - What's Important Now?" a powerful question to refocus and move toward success

GNG ME Skill Graphic on Light Blue 5x.png


  1. Principals love that virtual saves on speaker expenses and ends stress of supervising students

  2. Teachers appreciate that virtual is logistically easier and takes less time out of their typical routines

  3. Students engage with virtual speakers as if they are famous, creating more buy-in and focus

With virtual assemblies we keep kids where they're comfortable and accustomed to learning - in the classroom - which makes our message memorable for students and stress-free for staff.

Ben On Screen GNG Win Workout_edited.jpg


Our assembly and on-going programming is based on the research of a bevy of experts in the fields of sports psychology, developmental psychology, childhood education, various therapy modalities, and life coaching to ensure that we integrate the most essential and effective mental health skills for K-5th graders to develop during their educational journey: mindfulness and social and emotional learning (SEL).

Our energizing curriculum combines social and emotional learning (SEL) and mindfulness techniques with the most popular youth sport in America - Basketball - creating a fun, engaging, and safe environment for kids to express their emotions and learn the power of presence!


To reserve one of our final remaining dates or to request more information, please contact us using the link below!

W.I.N. Workouts Are In Collaboration With

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